Car Audio Demo Boards One stop service of car audio demonstration & display boards

We are one of the leading manufacturers for car audio / navigation demoboards in the world, and providing various marketing services to major car audio brands and retail stores all over the world.

Advantages & Strength of DRA

Capability to Propose & Customise to Satisfy Specialised requirements

We propose you the most suitable demoboards for your requirements, and provide you with any kind of customisation, such as the size of the boards, the number of products you display, speaker and subwoofer cut-outs.

One Stop Service at Our Own Factory

All the process of the production, such as design, wooden works, electric works, are done by ourselves at our own factory. And you can even leave us the shipping arrangements. All what you have to do are just to install car audio products after the arrival of the demoboards.

Pursuit of Higher Quality and lower cost as a specialised manufacturer

We always try to provide you with the best value for money, with strict quality control and efficient business system which saves unnecessary cost as much as possible. However, we guarantee you the quality without any compromise, such as MDF board for wooden rack to achieve the excellent sound quality.